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Are you thinking about writing a book, perhaps for the first time? Here you can find my very best resources and blog posts to get you going (or started!) on your writing journey. I am constantly updating this page, so if there is anything missing, check back later to see if it has been added 🙂 Some of these links are affiliate links to products and books that I can personally vouch for.

P.S. If you’re just looking for the best books about the craft of writing, I have a list of book recommendations here.

Ideas for what to write about

Should you write that story?

Learn creative writing skills with journaling

30-Day Writing Challenge - 30 days of unique writing exercises

50 reasons to write

Getting inspiration from nonfiction

Brainstorming story ideas

Questions about your plot idea

Why writing prompts are useful

Beginner writer tips

Things you didn’t know about writing a book

Where to start writing a book with no experience

Beginner writer mistakes you don’t have to make

Writing a book for the first time

Novel-writing process

Make the time to write

Writing while parenting

My writing process

Health tips for writers

The truth about the first draft

Beginning a story the right way

Getting started with writing a book

Where to start writing a book with no experience

Brainstorming story ideas

Writing your first draft

How to Write a Novel ebook & workbook (Etsy)

Planning and outlining a novel

My methods of outlining that make writing your book a breeze

Do you need a scene outline?

Making a moodboard for your novel

How to outline and draft your novel by hand

Outlining Your Novel & the workbook (Amazon)

Writing great characters

Your character’s goals are what your story is REALLY about

Protagonist Workbook (Etsy)

1000 Character Reactions (Amazon)

The Emotion Thesaurus (Amazon)

Story structure

Structure your novel the easy way

Story structure questions that make plotting easy

Anatomy of Story (Amazon)

Save the Cat! Writes a Novel (Amazon)

Storytelling tips

Writing about mental illness

Storytelling tips from Legally Blonde

Writing different seasons

Describing places in your story

This is what your story is really about

Beginning a story the right way

How to Write Dazzling Dialogue (Amazon)

Editing a novel

What I removed from my novel during editing

How to edit a novel

When should you stop editing a novel?

Writing tips from published authors

Things I learned after publishing my first book

Interview with crime writer Karin Nordin

Scribbler subscription box (CrateJoy)

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