The best Back To School gifts for the writer in your life in 2024

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Many students struggle to continue their writing habit when they return to school and have to dedicate most of their time to schoolwork. If you’re one of those people or if you would like to support someone’s writing practice, these back to school gifts for writers would be very helpful!

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The best back to school gifts for writers, by Protagonist Crafts

Notebooks are great gifts for the aspiring writer

Because it’s 2023, we have to start with something that is straight up from the future.

Gift ideas for booklovers and writers

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook is exactly what it sounds like – a smart notebook that you can use over and over. Make notes and scan them into the Rocketbook app where you can organise them and back them up to a cloud service of your choice. The notebooks come in different sizes and colour options, and there are also multiple layouts for the pages so you’re not stuck with just a dot grid or blank pages! You can use any Pilot FriXion pen to write in the notebooks – one will be provided with each notebook you purchase.

If you prefer to take notes and plan your novels in a less futuristic way, LEUCHTTURM1917 and Moleskine both offer ranges of similar classic and extremely popular notebooks. They carry ruled notebooks as well as ones with blank pages and dot grids.

Even if you prefer to use a computer for all your writing, it’s never a bad idea to carry a notebook with you to capture random story ideas or to write down snippets of cool dialogue.

If the previous notebooks were a little too plain for your liking or they don’t suit your price range, there are loads of different and fun options available. For example, this four-pack of cute notebooks by SUUYOO would be perfect for someone who loves writing down their thoughts and ideas by hand and who loves pastels and flower prints.

Good quality writing pens are some of the best gift ideas for writers

Of course, you can’t use those notebooks without some good pens if you’re looking for gifts for someone who writers, so here are a few options to add to your back to school shopping list.

I plan and draft my novels by hand which can sometimes be difficult to organise. That’s where using different colour highlighters can be so useful – you can use them to colour code your ideas and make note of what is important. These Creative Markers by Sharpie can also be used for bullet journaling and for highlighting important passages in books, just to name two of the many things they are useful for.

A good ballpoint pen is a staple on most writers’ desks but unfortunately pens are notoriously good at getting lost. So why not get an 8-pack of good quality InkJoy ballpoint pens from PaperMate?

If you are getting a back to school gift for a writer, you might want to get something a little more special. I own a few regular ballpoint pens so that I have a pen at every location where I might need them (I really do write a lot by hand), but I do most of my writing with a refillable pen. This Beiluner refillable ballpoint pen looks elegant and it would make a lovely gift for someone (especially if that someone is you).

Back to school backpacks for writers

When you are a writer, it’s important to be able to carry your notebooks or your laptop with you wherever you need.

Backpack is an easy and comfortable way to carry everything you need with you and both of these backpacks have the space and the compartments to fit your laptop and everything else you need with you. High Sierra Loop backpack is comfortable to carry even when heavy and it comes in a dozen of different colour options.

High Sierra Backpack - back to school gifts for writers and bookworms

If you would prefer something a little more classy and less sporty, this pink and rose gold BAGSMART backpack is just as roomy and it comes with a dedicated space for your power back. It also comes in black as well as two floral prints.

BAGSMART backpack for carrying your laptop and all your books

If you’re like me, you might prefer something a little more academia aesthetic, which is where this Cuero messenger bag comes in. Despite the vintage look, it can definitely fit your laptop inside!

Academia aesthetic leather messenger bag

Other back to school gift ideas for writers and authors

Nothing looks cooler than writing with a typewriter, but unfortunately those are harder to come by these days and slightly inconvenient. However, if you love the look and feel of typewriters, this Fineday keyboard is the second-best choice.

Their description says “Enjoy the Ultimate Retro Keyboard with Clickety-Clackety Typewriter Feels” which certainly has got me sold, and what’s more, you can connect this keyboard to your computer OR to your phone or tablet. See that bit where the paper would be if this was a real typewriter? That’s where you can keep your tablet as you write. Genius.

Lastly, any writer needs to keep honing their craft, but how can they do that if they’re busy with school or work? A Writer’s Workbook by Caroline Sharp gives you daily writing exercises that are easy to incorporate into your daily life so you never have to stop learning about your favourite craft.

Here at Protagonist Crafts we love finding the best gifts for writers and readers. Check out the rest of our gift guides here.

Things to get a writer - The best back to school gift ideas for aspiring writers in your life

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