Where to find writing inspiration?

Have you ever had the urge to write but didn’t know what to write? Were you looking at the blinking cursor or empty page in front of you feeling like you were creatively constipated?

If yes, just know there’s nothing wrong with you. This happens to all of us sometimes! In this post, I’m giving you a bunch of ideas for writing inspiration so that you can start writing straight away and not suffer from writer’s block anymore.

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An easy daily practice for getting more inspiration and being more creative

Before we begin, you need to know the ideas in this post are nothing but a bandaid. If you want to get more inspiration, you need to get to the root cause of what’s blocking the flow.

In most cases these days, the answer is pretty simple: your imagination muscle has become weak from the constant stream of content.

Stop consuming. I’m not saying you need to quit reading other people’s stories, watching videos, listening to podcasts and doomscrolling in bed for good, just stop it at least once per day. You do not need to be entertained constantly. You don’t need a constant stream of content entering your brain.

Is doing nothing but staring out the window boring? It could be. It’s supposed to be. Boredom is the space that your brain gets to fill with new stuff. With no space… there’s no new stuff.

So in addition to trying the tips in this post, promise me you give yourself daily content-free boredom time at least five to ten minutes at a time. It’s also good for your sleep.

Try the Writing Inspiration SOS Kit

At the end of this post I’m going to give you my free workbook for finding your best story ideas, but I wanted to quickly talk about my Writing Inspiration SOS Kit first.

This ebook has 60 pages of writing prompts, story ideas, writing exercises, inspiration and writing tips for all those times when you’re feeling stuck with your writing. It’s available in my Etsy shop Writer Lifestyle where you can find all kinds of writer tools and resources and you always get a 20% discount when you buy three or more items.

Think we can finally get to those writing inspiration tips? Yeah, I think so too!

Don’t discard any ideas

Sometimes we think we don’t have inspriation when actually we think we have the wrong kind of inspiration. We want to come up with something to write about, just not that.

What if, just for now, you accepted that “stupid idea” you have? What if you used that overused story idea and tried those tropes you’ve seen a million times?

The good thing with writing is that when you allow your own voice to come through, your writing is unique. It doesn’t matter what you write – no stories are new anyway – because it’s going to be you and that’s what matters.

What makes “unique” stories unique anyway isn’t a totally out-there never-been-seen-before story idea. It’s having a new angle on an old story idea, old trope, old character archetype. Those new angles are a lot easier to come up with than totally new story ideas, and that’s where your unique brain and life experience come in.

Try writing prompts that you DON’T immediately want to use

Although you could use writing prompts just to save time, they can also be used to practise your writing skills and to train your creativity muscle.

Doing the same things and writing the same stories over and over again aren’t conductive to finding more inspiration. You learn more when you challenge yourself and sometimes that means using writing prompts that aren’t your favourite ones. I’m not saying you should write things you hate, but don’t ignore a writing prompt just because it seems difficult or too different.

Here are some writing prompts for you to try, whether you find them easy or not:

  • Write about your childhood from the point of view of your home.
  • Use this opening line: I had the kind of face that made people tell me about their dead relatives.
  • You’re very good at keeping plants alive but your skill comes with a cost.
  • Look out the window and write about what you see as if you’ve just arrived on a strange planet.
  • Dialogue prompt: “It worked the last time, I swear.”
  • What’s you favourite thing in your home? Write about how to use it, excluding the actual way it’s used.
  • You can’t explain it but you can communicate with colours.
  • Halfway across the world, Hans realises he didn’t tell his wife where he’s going.
  • Write a love story that has been centuries in the making.
  • Setting prompt: The place where people dump the cursed things they inherit from their parents.
  • Find a dad joke and turn it into a dramatic story.
  • Write from first-person point of view about someone trying to solve a murder but they’re actually an unreliable narrator and they committed that murder themselves

If you liked these prompts, you’ll be happy to hear I pulled them from my 365 Writing Prompts collection – get yours if you’d like a full year of writing inspiration.

Look at your life for writing inspiration

Have you been to a place? Any place? Talked to a person? Touched an animal? If the answer was yes to any of those questions, you have material for writing.

No, you don’t need to write a memoir. Most people shouldn’t. (Of course, you aren’t like most people, but that’s besides the point here, bestie.) But I’d wager that most authors have used their own life experiences and inserted those into their stories.

For example, I love it when my friends tell me about weird people they know because I can give those weird habits to my characters. One time I was bitten by a cat and I put that event in one of the books and actually I think it led to one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in that book.

Think of your life, the lives of the people you know and anything else you’ve ever seen, touched, smelled, heard and tasted. What could you pull out from real life and use as the starting point of a new story? What could you use to enchance a story you’re already writing?

Or just steal from others

Okay, I’m not encouraging you to do actual stealing or pretend that other people’s life experiences are yours, but you can still borrow from others.

Read memoirs. Watch vlogs and reality TV. Read Reddit posts. Don’t just borrow those experiences but what they felt like. How the people reacted to what happened to them. What other people said about it.

Use songs, TV shows or movies as a starting point to your story

Am I saying you should write fanfiction? No, unless you want to! But if you’re suffering from a lack of writing inspiration, why not borrow from something you enjoy?

In one of the episodes of Call the Midwife, the elderly nun Sister Monica Joan goes missing and the police finds the body of an old woman at the beach (who turns out not to be the Sister). This got me thinking, what if I wrote a story about someone going missing and a different body turning up? Maybe you could use a plot event from a TV show or movie as the main conflict of your own story.

And what about songs? What if you wrote a story about the song you’re currently listening? (I’ve currently got Reich Mir Die Hand by Blutengel playing and I have to admit my German isn’t good enough to understand what it’s actually about, but hopefully you’ll have better luck.) You could also take the title of a song or a really cool line from the lyrics and use that as the theme, title or first line of your story.

Here are some cool titles from my Spotify liked songs that I’d love to use as writing inspiration:

  • Wishing on a Scar
  • White Night Fantasy
  • The Most Radical Thing to Do
  • (I Just) Died in Your Arms
  • The New Thing Dies
  • What Was I Made For?
  • Who the hell is Edgar?
  • Endlessly, She Said

Truly, the options are endless.

What should you write a novel about?

If you want to write a novel but you don’t know what it should be about, I’ve got just the solution for you. In Your Best Story Idea workbook, you use the things you already enjoy and love and mine for the right story idea. Best of all, it’s free!


If you still need more writing inspiration, let me know. I’m here to help.

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