Book lover gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 2024

I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s Day always comes up as a sort of surprise for me every year. I mean, wasn’t it JUST New Year’s Day, like, yesterday? No? But even if it was, it’s never too soon to start looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for book lovers.

If you still haven’t got a gift for the book lover who has stolen your heart, these mostly unique and non-cheesy book lover gift ideas should give you some inspiration for Valentine’s Day 2024.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for book lovers

Home decor gift ideas for bookworms

When you already live with your bookworm sweetheart, these personalised stacked books are such a unique way to bring a bookish touch to your home. Obviously you already have all the books on your bookshelves, but these ones you could have on the mantlepiece, for example, to show everyone that you’re a family. If you don’t have any children, why not include the names of your pets?

Personalised book stack - Valentine's Day gifts for book lovers

Okay this is definitely the priciest thing I’ve ever included in one of these gift guides, but I just searched for “book lover home decor” and now I’m obsessed with this book stack end table. If you’re in love with me – and you should be – you might want to get me something like this for Valentine’s Day one year.

I’ve included scented candles in these gift guides before despite the fact that I don’t actually ever use candles myself. I have two kids and three very curious and most of all dumb cats in the house, so having flames anywhere near them is just a recipe for a disaster. I love the idea of scented candles, though, and who says you can’t have them on your shelf just to be sniffed every now and then? Whichever way you lean, I think this Louisa May Alcott candle that smells like cherry blossoms and ivy would be a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for a book lover in your life.

What could be a better companion for a good book than a mug of something hot? I’m going to be honest: there are a lot of ugly and boring mugs out there. I will literally cry if someone ever gives me a white mug with a generic quote printed on it. This Bookmarks are for quitters mug is different, though, and I would gladly show it off while enjoying a cup of tea.

"Bookmarks are for quitters" mug

Clothing and accessories are great Valentine’s Day gifts for book lovers

If you live in Europe in winter 2022-23, you may have been keeping your house cooler than normally. (People living elsewhere, just smile and nod.) Personally, I’ve been wearing my wearable blanket almost nonstop since October. Do you know what’s the problem with actual blankets? It’s extremely difficult to hold onto a book when your hands are under one. This wearable blanket will fix that issue, though, and it’s available in other colours too besides this Valentine’s Day-appropriate pink.

Wearable blanket

One of the best things about being an adult is that you can wear pretty much whatever you want and no one can stop you. You want to wear novelty socks? Just do it. Then get your loved one a pair of these book socks while you’re at it.

Cozy reading socks are great Valentine's Day gifts for book lovers

Valentine’s Day gifts for writers

Although we’re living in the age of computers, I don’t think any writer can say no to a nice notebook. Here are a couple of nice examples that you can surprise your bookish sweetheart with.

This personalised leather journal is the perfect choice for the serious writer in your life. You can have their initials engraved on the cover to make sure no other aspiring author will mistake their notes for theirs.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a gift for someone who needs to have everything in their life so pretty, this leather notebook with an embossed rose on the cover might be exactly what they want for Valentine’s Day in 2023. I’d get one for myself but I’d worry that my princess-crazy daughter would steal it from me.

If you’d rather give something else than a notebook, these monogrammed notepads are another great option for someone who needs to jot down their thoughts and ideas on paper. There are many different monogram options available from very professional ones to more flowery ones.

Bookmarks for Valentine’s Day 2023

Do you know what a bookworm can never have enough, besides books? Bookmarks! Here are my choices from the many, many available options.

This personalised leather bookmark would be a nice gift for someone who likes to keep things simple, especially if their family members have a tendency to steal their bookmarks.

But once again, there are more flowery options. This vintage-style metal bookmark with dried flowers is definitely a step up from stuffing an old receipt between the pages.

But what if you’d like something personalised but still flowery? These personalised corner bookmarks are your answer.

Bookish subscription boxes for Valentine’s Day

It’s no secret that I love subscription boxes and I’ve written about them before. (Here are the best subscription boxes for writers and here are the best subscription boxes for creative people. Just FYI the latter hasn’t yet been checked for 2023.)

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for a writer in your life, it’s hard to go wrong with SCRIBBLER. It is the best and the most popular subscription box for writers and it includes writerly accessories as well as resources for making their writing even better.

Scribbler subscription box for writers

There are also numerous subscription boxes for bookworms, but you could start with My Coffee And Book Box. Need I tell you what’s in it, or…? You can also choose the recipient’s favourite genre or let it be a surprise – either way they’ll be getting two hardcover books with “the finest gourmet micro-roasted coffee” in each box.

My Coffee And Book Box subscription box for readers

The best books to give on Valentine’s Day

So perhaps that title is all lies because I’m not going to tell you which books to give someone on Valentine’s Day. I don’t know your girlfriend, baby daddy, life partner or soulmate. But since it’s Valentine’s Day after all, you could check out the best romance novels in 2022 for some inspiration

Another option would be to gift a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, especially if they’re someone who enjoys reading less-known indie books from different genres.

More gift ideas for readers and writers

These were my suggestions for bookish gifts on Valentine’s Day 2023 but this is far from my only gift guide. Here you can find all my gift guides for even more gift ideas. Some of them are older but I try to update them every year or so with better links and fresh ideas, so keep that page bookmarked and come back to it whenever you need new gift ideas for book lovers and writers.

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