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All written content belongs to Katri Soikkeli unless otherwise stated. You may not use any of the photography used on this website, be it my personal photography, product photography in product reviews and round-ups, or stock photos that I have paid to use, without consent.

You may not copy my posts to use on your website or social media. You may use up to 10% of the post text to quote me, but you will need to credit Katri Soikkeli as the author of the text and link back to the specific post.

You may use one picture from a post from my site for round-up posts on your site, but you have to credit Katri Soikkeli as the owner of the photograph and link back to the specific post. Using more than one picture is prohibited without my explicit permission. You may not use any of my pictures as your own or for commercial purposes.

Writer Lifestyle Etsy shop has its own terms and conditions and privacy policies which you can refer to as needed on the Etsy website.

Digital products are not refundable. If you have any issues with any purchases from Protagonist Crafts, you can contact hello(at)protagonistcrafts.com. We do not issue refunds if you change your mind. Writing Your First Novel has a 365-day refund policy for anyone who has finished ALL their coursework and discussed their issues with me and still aren’t able to see results in their writing practice. When you make any purchase from us, you agree to these terms.

You may not copy or share any digital content shared on this site or in my email newsletter.

For additional info, see Disclaimers and Privacy policy.

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