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50 reasons why you need to start writing

I’ve always loved writing and never felt like I needed a special reason to do it, but I’ve realised there are loads of people who still hesitate. I genuinely believe writing belongs to everyone, so I compiled this list of 50 reasons to write – you can use any of them as an excuse to start your amazing writing journey.


Here’s why you shold write

1. Your story matters

2. No one else has your point of view

3. Storytelling is an important part of being human

4. If you like the idea of writing, you should pursue it even if it never brings you money or fans

5. All expressions of creativity are valuable

6. Writing doesn’t cost anything

Reason to write: No one else has your point of view

7. Writing is easy to share with the world

8. There are enough genres for every taste

9. Writing and reading help you learn more empathy

10. Writing fiction practises your creativity

11. Writing is a valuable skill

12. Your story can connect you with people you might not otherwise even know about

13. Your writing could make someone’s day

14. Your story could save someone’s life

15. Writing can be therapeutic

16. Getting to call yourself a writer is pretty cool

Reason to write: Your story could save someone's life

17. Creating new worlds is the best thing ever

18. You can write anywhere

19. Writing is an easy way to pass the time

20. Writing is more accessible than many other hobbies

21. Writing is easier to edit than painting or sculpting

22. You can write even when in quarantine

23. Other writers love to give you advice

24. There’s always more to learn about writing

25. You will never run out of stories to write

Looking for more reasons to write? Keep reading!

26. You can rewrite other people’s stories and make them your own

27. You’ll never have to explain what “writing” means (unlike with geocaching or crossfit)

28. Making up imaginary people is fun

29. Anything can count as research for your writing

Reason to write: You could rewrite your own life's story

30. You’ll have a good reason to people-watch and eavesdrop

31. You can use your own life as source material

32. You can rewrite your own story

33. Learning to write well can increase your self-confidence

34. We will always need writers (AI will never replace novelists)

35. If you get published, you can see your book on the same shelf with your favourite authors

36. You can start at any age

37. You don’t need WIFI to write

38. You can write in a room full of people and they don’t have to see what you’re doing

39. Writing at night won’t disturb anyone else’s sleep

40. You won’t have to retire from writing

41. You could fall in love with your own characters

42. Literally anything could inspire a new story

43. Any emotion can be turned into great writing

44. Writing can make you immortal

Reason to write: Writing can make you immortal

45. Your great-grandchildren might never know anything about you if you don’t write

46. You can spend ten minutes on a short poem or twenty years on a fantasy epic – it’s up to you

47. There’s an audience for every book

48. Everybody loves a good story

49. Once you’ve written something, it can be interpreted in ways you can’t even imagine

50. You don’t really need a reason to write – just do it

I’m ready to start writing, now what?

If I’ve convinced you that you need to start writing a novel straight away but you don’t know where to start, I’ve got your back.

I created the Start Your Novel 5-day course to help you stop procrastinating. You’ll focus on only the things that actually matter and you won’t need to get overwhelmed by all the writing tips and information out there. This time next week, you could already be working on your first draft!

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