Congrats for choosing the Romance Writing Kit! As a special thank you, I want to help you even more with writing that dreamy novel of yours.

Writing a story that your readers will LOVE can’t be done in just a few weeks.

Still, you want to make the most out of your writing time, because let’s be real: Someone needs to do the laundry and clean the litter box, too. Usually that someone is you. (Hey, that rhymes!)

When you’re writing for your own amusement or to practise writing, it’s more than fine to go after an idea and begin writing away. But when you want to write a full novel and a story that simply works, you’re better off doing some planning beforehand. Time spent on planning will actually end up saving you time.

First of all, with a good outline you know exactly what to do whenever you sit down to write. When you know the journey your protagonist needs to take to reach their goals, coming up with the smaller details becomes so much easier. You won’t just be staring at the empty page and the blinking cursor.

Secondly, an outline gives you a bird’s eye view of your story, which helps you see if this is a story you actually want to write. Also, you can fix any plot holes ahead of the time. I mean, why make the editing process harder for yourself than it needs to be? Having a good understanding of your story before you write your first draft helps you make fewer mistakes.

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That’s why I created Outline Your Novel in 30 Days – the course

After creating the Outline Your Novel in 30 Days ebook, I realised I wanted to give my writer friends more. That’s why I took the best lessons from my full course Writing Your First Novel that help you even more with your outline and bundled them together with the ebook. You also get a video walkthrough of the 30 days to make sure you know exactly what to do.

You get lessons on figuring out what exactly your story is about before you even start plotting your novel, and then you get all my best methods of outlining and you learn more about choosing your characters and setting. With my Troublemaker Method, you learn to use problems to map out your protagonist’s journey.

Plotting your story has never been this easy before. I want to set you up for success and share these valuable techniques with you.

Get this Party-exclusive offer before the time runs out

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I want you to write that story no matter what you have going on in your life and this course will help you do that efficiently and with minimal headaches. Imagine if a month from now you were confidently writing your first draft!

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