Have you ever dreamt of writing your own romance novel?

Now you can get everything you need to create a love story that your readers can fall in love with. A well-written romance novel needs more than just kissy scenes, and this kit helps you write a story that won’t be like one of those books that even your elderly grandma would be embarrassed to have on her bookshelf.

The Romance Novel Planner helps you create a couple that simply makes sense. Have you ever read or watched something and been like “wow, those two people should NOT even be together”? Those writers had important romance novel key ingredients missing, but this planner makes sure you’ve got everything you need to write the love story of the century. (This product is a PDF that you can fill out digitally on your computer or print out.)

The Romance Novel Character Planner helps you create your story’s leading couple the right way. You’ll create characters with more going on with them than just being obsessed with each other, and as you know, you need strong characters to carry your plot if you want to write a great story. We’ve included her, his and their versions of the character planner to make space for diverse stories – just pick the right one for each of your main characters. (This product is a PDF that you can fill out digitally on your computer or print out.)

The Romance Novel Template gives you the roadmap for outlining and writing your romance novel from start to finish. You’ll see how the external layer of your story should play out (all the stuff that happens in your story that isn’t the actual love story) as well as the internal layer (the journey of the relationship). In a romance novel, your characters need to come together and pull away and come together again, and this template helps you map out that journey. You’ll be writing your unique story while still sticking to genre expectations that keep romance readers happy. (This is a Google Docs template – you’ll get a PDF with the access link and instructions.)

The Romantic Writing Prompts give you 80 unique ideas for love stories. You’ll get character prompts, dialogue prompts, opening lines and words to use. Some of the prompts are cute and some are angsty, but all of them are “clean” so they’re also suitable for teenagers. LGBTQ+ prompts included. (This product is a PDF ebook.)

Normally this kit costs €20 in my Etsy shop (and separately bought even more) but as a part of Lizzy’s Christmas Party® you can get it for free! Just fill in the form below and we’ll send you the download link straight away.


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Hi, Lizzie’s friends! I’m Katri and I’ve been writing stories ever since I learned to write, and I created Protagonist Crafts for everyone who’s kind of obsessed with that whole writing thing. I’m a published writer in Finland where I also teach in-person creative writing classes, and I’ve been teaching writers how to write better stories for three years now. You can check out my blog and my Etsy shop for more helpful resources on your writing journey.

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