The best Back To School gifts for bookworms in 2024

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It’s that time of the year again – summer is soon over and schools are starting. Wasn’t it just Easter yesterday? For us bookworms, this might mean less time to focus on reading what we want instead of reading what we’re told, but these items might make the transition easier! Find out what are the best back to school gifts for bookworms and other people who love books and reading.

Back to school gifts for bookworms by Protagonist Crafts

Book bags for bookworms

People who love reading usually like to carry books with them wherever they go and they might not say no to a book store shopping spree. (Especially if someone else is paying.) A good backpack is a vital part of your back to school shopping list, especially if you have a whole host of other stuff to carry around, too.

Back to school gifts for readers - High Sierra Loop backpack to carryall your books

This High Sierra Loop Backpack is available in multiple colour options (it was really difficult to choose which one to show here) and it has numerous pockets and compartments to keep all your knick-knacks safe as well as your books. It should be comfortable to carry even when it’s heavy, so it’s ideal for carrying everything that a bookworm could possibly need.

Back to school gifts for readers - Rose gold and pink backpack by BAGSMART

If you would prefer a backpack that looks a little less sporty, BAGSMART has this slightly more sleek and classy backpack that also comes in black and two different floral prints. It’s really spacious so you can totally fit in some of your biggest books as well as your laptop. It also has a dedicated space for your power bank so you can use your backpack to charge your phone or tablet!

If backpacks aren’t your thing at all and you’d prefer something more classy, this vintage-style leather messenger bag by Cuero would be a great option for carrying all your books. I feel like a more important person just looking at the picture.

The Raven - bookish tote bag

A trip to the library might not warrant carrying a full backpack with you, in which case a tote bag might just be what you need. This Raven tote bag is just one of the literature-inspired options offered by Universal Zone. (Obviously I chose this one because I’m ever so slightly obsessed with ravens.)

Book accessories for readers

Book Sleeve with a celestial theme

If you want to keep your books safe while they tumble about in your book bag, you might want to get a book sleeve. There are dozens and dozens of different prints available, but I think this celestial book sleeve by LParkin is particularly cute.

When you’re choosing a book sleeve, getting multiple sizes is a good idea since not all books are the same size. Book Beau has different designs in four different sizes, and this Pride and Prejudice book sleeve is just one of them.

If you’re more likely to use a receipt or perhaps a gum wrapper to mark your page, you might not have thought that a bookmark can look pretty. This metal feather bookmark is a really elegant option for any reader who really wants to add some glamour to their “currently reading” pile.

Magnetic bookmarks

If, on the other hand, you would prefer something more practical or you’d like a bookmark for all the multiple books you’re reading right now, this 12-pack of magnetic bookmarks might just be the thing you’re looking for.

Do you know a book lover who likes to read well into the night? If so, this clip-on reading light by Glocusent with three different light options would make a nice and useful gift for them. Reading a physical book before bed is always better than scrolling through stuff on your phone but using a bright light to read might still disturb your sleep. This reading light comes with an amber option that filters out blue light, which should make your eyes a lot happier, whether you’re reading fiction or textbooks.

More back to school gifts for bookworms

Family of Kindles

It would be impossible for me to tell which books you should buy for someone who loves to read, but I CAN tell you that a new Kindle will make it a lot easier to keep up with their reading on the go. An ebook reader is also great for someone who doesn’t have the space to keep all the books they want to read – perhaps someone living in a dormitory.

Kindle Unlimited

If Kindle Unlimited is available in your country, it’s a good way to explore new books with practically just the price of one. And yes, you can gift the subscription to someone else! Of course, make sure first that you would enjoy the kind of books that are available.

Here at Protagonist Crafts we love to find the best gifts for readers and writers. For more inspiration, check out the rest of our gift guides.

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