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Guide for the best subscription boxes for creative people

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Subscription boxes are such a fun and easy way to try new hobbies and activities without having to spend time doing research or shopping every month, and they also make thoughtful gifts for people in your life. There are subscription boxes for literally every kind of people, but here we’re going to look at the best subscription boxes for creative people that are available on Cratejoy.

I’ve also written the ultimate gift guide for writers and bookworms if you’d like to see more bookish gift ideas, and you can find all the gift guides here.

PLEASE NOTE: Not every box ships worldwide, so if you’re outside the USA like me, make sure to check the shipping details. Also, sometimes the price includes shipping and sometimes it doesn’t, so keep an eye on that as well.

Subscription boxes for writers

Writing subscription boxes are great for many types of writers, whether they’re writing novels or poems or just plain old journal entries. You can find subscription boxes with stationery but also ones with educational materials for authors. These boxes would also make nice graduation gifts for literature or creative writing students.

Scribbler Box is THE subscription box for writers, and it something I see regularly on Instagram as well, so if you’re looking for a great gift for someone who loves to write, Scribbler box is probably a safe bet! In every box you get “curated writing gifts”, helpful resources for authors and a novel with a signed bookplate.

SCRIBEdelivery is a monthly stationery club where the boxes include at least one notebook and one pen each month, as well as other usefull stationery to keep you writing. I would personally really love this box because I draft my books by hand, and notebooks are fantastic for jotting down random story ideas without getting distracted.

Writer’s Block Box is a new subscription box for writers who are looking for monthly inspiration and enjoy fun writerly things. According to them, each month you get five items that are sure to jumpstart your writing.

You can find more subscription box gift ideas for writers in our other post.

Bookish subscription boxes for readers

There are almost as many subscription boxes with books as there are different genres in the world of literature, so there are plenty of options for readers of different tastes and ages.

My Coffee And Book Club boxes include, you guessed it, books and coffee! You get to choose a genre between nine options and you also get a choice of whole bean or ground coffee. If I wasn’t off caffeine, I would definitely go for this box in a heartbeat.

Book Club Box is a unique reading experience for adults where you get a book and related gifts that you open when you reach specific pages. That’s right, multiple gifts in one, fun experience! There is also a young adult version that you can find here.

Classic of the Month subscription box gives you one classic novel each month AND either coffee or tea depending on your choice. What could be better than reading a great book with a hot drink?

Crafty subscription boxes

Subscription boxes with crafts are such a great way to find a new hobby or introduce someone else to your favourite crafts. Whether you’re planning to give the subscription box as a gift or find something for yourself, there are many different options to choose from. That said, for obvious cost-related reasons there are far more yarn crafts and paper crafts available than some other kinds simply because they’re more lightweight and therefore cheaper and easier to ship.

The Adults & Crafts Crate is “a thoughtfully curated craft subscription box for adults & teens to create fun and trendy projects! Every month is a different craft to allow you to learn a new craft technique like wood burning and engraving.” This subscription box is really popular and it has great reviews, so you can be sure you’re getting good quality supplies and instructions.

The Hopebroidery Box is a fantastic way to learn embroidery because every box includes the supplies for a fun embroidery project and also a step-by-step video tutorial that will show you the whole process from start to finish. There is also a digital option to only get the instructions and tutorial in case you already have plenty of supplies at hand!

Craftsman Crate is a box full of tools and supplies for different, hands-on projects. Previous boxes have included crafts like mosaic and basketry, so you will definitely be finding new crafts to try with this subscription box!

Vintage Craft Supplies Box is the best choice for someone who loves scrapbooking or journaling as well as the vintage aesthetic. Every box includes vintage-themed ephmera like washi tape, stickers, stamps, papers and note cards.

Subscription boxes for artists

When you’re researching what are the best subscription boxes for creatives, you can’t leave artists out of the mix. Explore different ways to make art with these boxes and keep honing your skills every month.

Paletteful Packs gives you a selection of art supplies to create your own work of art, and the monthly digital page comes with tips and techniques and prompts. This would be a great way to introduce yourself to new art techniques, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced.

Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box is exactly what it sounds like – it gives you the instructions and the supplies (yes, including charcoal and paper!) to create two drawings each month. No prior experience is needed, so it would be a nice way to explore a new art medium.

Nature Sketch Crate Art Class is a lovely way to combine your love of art with your love of nature. Each box gives you a sketchbook, supplies and two subjects from the nature and tutorials for creating your art. Sounds like more fun than adult colouring books, in my opinion!

Other subscription boxes for creative thinkers

Let’s be real, not every creative can be easily put into a category, which is where these miscellaneous subscription boxes will come in handy.

Escape the Crate is like an escape room game, except it comes in a box! The many riddles and puzzles in the crate are sure to tickle your creativity, and every box brings multiple hours of fun for you and your friends.

Introvert’s Retreat is a subscription box for all of us who prefer a quiet night in. In every box, you get a new paperback, a handmade soy candle and some delicious surprise snacks. It’s perfect for a writer who needs to shut in for a while (or forever) to work on their next bestselling novel – it’s important to take little breaks and read someone else’s books, too.

Success Crate is “designed to help entrepreneurs and everyday people become self empowered, focused, have a clear vision, become a better person and get to work towards their dreams.” That sounds lofty but I like it! It might just be the perfect choice for a creative person who wants to apply themselves and their skills better.

Sparkle Hustle Grow is a fun box for entrepreneurs and it has been featured in POPSUGAR as well as Forbes. You will receive “4-5 items like chic office supplies, tech gadgets and stationery” as well as access to a community and business trainings. Personally, as a creative business owner who loves sparkles, I would love to get this box as a gift.

Did I forget to include YOUR favourite creative subscription box? Let us know in the comments! And if you are the maker and curator of your own subscription box and you think my blog readers would like to hear about it, let me know because I would love to do a review of it 🙂

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