30-day writing challenge to get you into the habit of writing

Challenging ourselves as writers is always a great idea, but do you know what’s the best thing about a 30-day writing challenge? It’s also great for getting you into the habit of writing. Especially if you don’t have loads of time to focus on your writing, staying consistent is the best way to make progress.


So without further ado, here’s your 30-day writing challenge with a writing idea for each day.

30 day writing challenge

Write every day for a month with this 30-day writing challenge

Day 1: Write a poem about a time you got a really hideous gift.

Day 2: Dialogue prompt: “Our mother would never forgive us if she knew.”

Day 3: Write a story with the title Firmament.

Day 4: Write from the point of view of a cat.

Day 5: Write a letter from the Earth as the last remaining human.

Day 6: Choose an instrumental song and write a story about it.

Day 7: Write about going to the library like it’s an epic journey.

Day 8: Opening line for your story: The banging on the cellar door had become daily and still I hadn’t got used to it.

Day 9: What would mushrooms say if they could speak?

Day 10: Choose a dream you’ve had at night and turn it into a story.

Day 11: Write a day in the life of a royalty (current or historical).

Day 12: Character prompt: A librarian who has the ability to see what everyone really needs to read.

Day 13: Write about dogs without using the words dog, puppy, mutt or any other synonym.

Day 14: Write a romantic story about a vampire and an alien who both believe the other is a normal human.

Day 15: A raven has written you a letter. What does it say?

Try this writing challenge to become a better writer

Congrats, you’re halfway through your writing challenge!

Day 16: A man has no other companion except his robot vacuum cleaner. One day it starts talking back.

Day 17: If you were an animal in a nature documentary, what would the narrator be saying about you?

Day 18: Write about the most beautiful things you saw today.

Day 19: Character prompt: The most powerful people can control the elements. Anya can control pebbles and twigs.

Day 20: People have stopped dying and it’s becoming a problem.

Day 21: Her children would inherit nothing else from her except her collection of special edition Coca Cola glasses.

Day 22: Opening line: It was one of those days when seeing my sister wasn’t even the worst thing that could happen.

Day 23: Write about what would happen if the internet suddenly stopped working for everyone in the world.

Day 24: Use these words in a story: ORANGUTAN, SAGE GREEN, MARBLE, BRAMBLES.

Day 25: Choose your favourite character from any work of fiction and write about a normal day in their life.

Day 26: Two people who hate each other are having a conversation and they can’t let anyone know about their feelings.

Day 27: You’re the first person in the world to learn how to write. How are you using this opportunity?

Day 28: You start using AI to do your homework for you and you realise the chatbot knows you a lot better than it should.

Day 29: Dialogue prompt: “And don’t let anyone forget none of it could have been possible without me.”

Day 30: Write a funny scene. Then rewrite it to make it sad.

Want to become a better writer in just 30 more days?

Athough this writing challenge is certainly fun, I’ve created another one that’s both fun AND super useful. In the 30-Day Writing Challenge I have in my Etsy shop, you get a writing exercise every day that sharpens your writing skills and makes you a better writer in just a month. Each day also explains what you’re learning and why it’s necessary – this way you learn to actually apply the writing tips you’ve read on Pinterest and Tumblr!

30-Day Writing Challenge - 30 days of unique writing exercises

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